Ford vs Ferrari

It’s a story that’s been told a number of times already, but never gets any less exciting no matter how many times it’s been told!

It’s the story of how an ambitious Henry Ford II had a vision to move his company into motorsports! Now to be clear, Ford Motor Company had already been successful at home with a number of NASCAR and other high horsepower events, however Henry had greater ambitions, and that was to be successful on a world scale!

To do that, he needed to win in Le Mans! And to do that, he needed to beat the current champion which of course was Ferrari.

But before Ferrari was an adversary, Henry Ford II and Enzo Ferrari were almost the best of buddies!

Henry knew that he had nothing in the Ford catalogue that could really compete on a European or Global level so he aspired to buy Ferrari and develop the technology and design further.

The deal was all but done, however at the very last minute, Enzo pulled out of the deal when it became apparent to him that the sale included his Ferrari Racing Division.

History doesn’t record whether Henry tried to dupe Enzo into that part of the sale or if Enzo knew all along and had a change of heart, but history does record the fury that ran through Henry’s blue-blood veins!

Henry’s rage turned into a great plan and a great team that included Caroll Shelby and Lee Iacocca who created the perfect Le Mans champion – The mega GT40!

We’ll let the movie unveil the rest of the story for those not up to speed with their modern motorsport history, but the below is the official trailer until then.

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