Ford Falcon GTHO Phase IV

An immaculate and iconic Ford Falcon GT became the latest Australian car to make headlines for selling over the million-dollar mark. In fact this one smashed the country’s record in doing so to become the highest selling Australian muscle car ever.

This is a 1972 Ford XA Falcon GTHO Phase IV, which GTHO fans and aficionados will know is only one of four made. What’s more rare about this one though, is that it is the only road-going car of this group, as the rest were built specifically for racing just prior to the SuperCar scare of the 70’s.

The sale was managed and brokered by Australian Muscle Car Sales, who hasn’t officially revealed the final price tag, however the industry believes that it has sold for $1.8 million, a figure also confirmed within the car community according to people who know the anonymous buyer.

Interestingly, the same car was had crossed the floor at Lloyds auction in 2018 for a confirmed $2 million at that time, but the deal reportedly fell through at the last minute due to finance issues, so the car never changed hands at that time.

“We have known of this car for many years, and with only 4698 miles from new, have always understood its unmatched provenance and significance as one of the best and most desirable Australian muscle cars in existence.” said a spokesperson from AMCS

The Falcon GTHO is more than iconic in Australia and as the only road car of its kind, this XA Falcon GTHO Phase IV is a genuine undisputed legend in Australian car culture. It would obviously be one of the most sought-after cars ever – for those in that league of course.

The Phase IV of course follows form the Phase III which was a properly homologated and and is synonymous with the Bathurst race track on which it won races for Alan Moffat and many more in it’s time breaking all sorts of records, from fastest 4 door saloon to most powerful production car made in Australia.

The Phase IV was made to continue the winning status of the Falcon GTHO, however the high powered homologation cars had been cancelled due to the SuperCar scare over fears that the cars had become too powerful and therefore too dangerous for Australian roads. People in the know could still buy some examples of these cars if they knew what to ask for and which option to tick on the form. A large number of Phase IV parts that were now surplus in the Ford factories were distributed in Falcon GT’s under the RPO Option.

However this particular car is powered by a 351ci / 5.7-litre V8 engine, and a characteristic Top Loader four-speed transmission connected to a 9″diff – the traditional running gear of the GTHO moniker.

Given its race pedigree and intended purpose, the suspension, steering and braking systems were all tuned to be able to endure the torturous force of Mount Panorama at speed, and therefore it’s handling is expectedly superior to a regular road-going Falcon.





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