Flashback Pic of the Day; Rach Del Wheato Appears On Cover of Edition 47 – The Bond BeachGirl Edition

Appearing in Edition 47 – The Bond Beach Girl Edition

– Rach Del Wheato –

Honey Bond Girl! Autobabes.com.au Edition 47

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Rach Del Wheato


Country of Origin

Career Highlight
Going to the Playboy mansion was so much fun and I made a lot of new friends!

Favorite Bond Film
Dr No of course 🙂

Favorite Car
I’ve always loved the Aston Martin Vantage !

Biggest Turn-On
I love men with a great sense of humor, I love to laugh..

Having fun, laughing, being with friends and family

Rudeness, ignorance, and disrespectful individuals

Greatest Ambition
To be successful and happy. Pretty basic stuff 🙂 !

Appears in
Edition 47, CoverGirl ________________


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