First Ever NFT Poster In The World!


What a thing!

And in particular, Non-Fungible Tokens!

We’re not talking bitcoin or other alternative coin here – well maybe Ethereum (ETH) which is the architecture of NFT’s – but we are certainly talking TOKENS!

NFT – Non Fungible Tokens – are essentially Crypto coins using the ETH blockchain, which are each minted as a unique token. Unlike BTC or ETH which are ofcourse unique in signature, the NF Tokens are unique in nature and therefore cannot be exchanged for another just like it. When you buy and sell BTC or ETH for example, you exchange one BTC or ETH coin for another. With NFT’s though, each one is unique and when you sell one, someone else buys that particular one which is the only one in the world like it.

This is perfect for art, music, or anything else of one off and therefore rare value.

Wanting to be first with new technology as we were in 2004 with the launch of the world’s first true digital magazine, we have released the first NFT poster! And what a beauty! The one off Lightning Blue 2017 Shelby Supersnake photographed with a now rare and getting more rare, 2011 FPV Falcon GT.

You can buy this NFT in 300DPI resolution, only on the Rarible platform HERE.

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