Ferrari a disaster: Lauda !!

by Timothy Collings;
Lauda won two of his three Drivers’ World Championships and 15 of his
25 Grands Prix victories racing for Ferrari but that did nothing to stop
the Austrian describing his old team as “a disaster” following
their pointless return from Sunday’s FORMULA 1™ ING Australian Grand
Lauda, who lifted the title with Ferrari
in 1975 and 1977 before adding a third with McLaren in 1984, held
nothing back in his criticism of the Italian team, who also employed him
as a consultant later in his career.
Both of Ferrari’s drivers, defending
World Champion Kimi Raikkonen of Finland and Brazilian Felipe Massa,
made mistakes on a day of huge disappointment that saw them fail to
collect a point.

Massa did not finish and Raikkonen,
known as ‘the iceman’ blew hot and cold in the searing heat as he made
unexpected errors on his way to ending up ninth, last of the cars still

“I was amazed at Kimi today, he
just screwed up everything,” said Lauda. “Massa was nearly as
bad. It was a total disaster, a really big disaster for Ferrari, and a
lot of the trouble was just big mistakes by their drivers.

“To have scored zero points today
in this race with the cars they have is just amazing. Kimi and Massa are
to blame for that. They did everything wrong that they could do!

“But their disaster is great news
for McLaren and I was very impressed with both of their drivers. Lewis,
we know, is the top of the tops. He is a really great driver already –
and he showed that against them today.

“He is a much better driver than
last year and you can see that already. He has learned his lessons. He
made mistakes in the last two races and he is not making them any more.

“At the end of last year, he
screwed up the last two races and if you want to be a champion you have
to learn from those things. He has. So he is better, he is stronger,
fitter and more in control than he was before.

“He really showed it today and he
did a perfect job for the team and for everyone. How good is he, or is
he going to be? I think he will be one of the tops of the very tops. A
great driver, a champion…

“He is the best guy. Today he was
easily the best guy out there by a long, long way. But I was impressed
also with Heikki . He also did a perfect job and they would have had a
one-two if it had not been for the Safety Car interventions.”


Ferrari on the astro turf annoys
World Champ Lauda !


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