Featured Gallery: Denise Trlica SIZZLES in Red Top, Slim Shorts and a Black FORD GT

Reminiscent of the bedroom poster wall Pin-Ups we all remember in our younger years; that of the hottest girls with sleekest and sportiest cars, classic stunner Denise Trlica is on fire in this set with a Ford GT (GT40) !

Stopping traffic on the Palomar Mountain Road, a remote California highway, where she definitely couldn’t drive 55, Denise struggles to be contained inside the Hot Red top she almost busts out of, and the slimmest shorts!

“I really enjoyed the shoot with the amazing GT40”, she says

And why wouldn’t she? This particular car is in the family line of the original GT40’s that beat Ferrari at Le Mans 3 years in a row, and then came back on the 50th Anniversary to do it again. Sporting 650 Hp, the FordGT can hit 60mph in just 3.0 seconds.

But more importantly, what does our sexy Californian Grid Girl think of this ?

“This was one of the most exciting experiences of my life”, she gushes ..

“I love fast cars and I think that this one is very sexy because of it’s sporty looks, but also the acceleration!”

Well here at autobabes I-Magazine, we think Denise is very sexy also!

Which do you think is sexier … the Ford GT or Denise Trlica!?

Either way, we’ll be seeing more of sexy Denise in upcoming editions and features, however in the meantime, make sure you follow Denise on Instagram by following the link HERE!

Check the behind the scenes video below ;



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