Edition 104 Feature Model Sophia Stiletto supports the FEELN Festival in Brazil

Following the lead of her CoverGirl Sarah Jordan of the same publication – Edition 104 – The AI Glamour Edition – and her support of this great event, stunning Feature Model Sophia Stiletto lends her support also to the FEELN Festival in Brazil.

The Feeln Festival is scheduled to take place from 5th to 9th December in 2023 and is aimed at the youth of the world.

The Feeln Festival is a 100% non-profit music, art and culture festival that starts in Bahia, Brazil, closely connected with Africa.


The FEELn festival has one goal: to inspire, support, help, empower and educate young people and their families around the world, from 6 to 18 years old.

More information on the festival is available at the official website – Home | Feeln Festival | Brazil

With a slogan of ” ARE YOU FEELN IT? ” , the FEELN branding is certainly on point and going viral.

You can check the ARE YOU FEELN IT videos on the Instagram of founder Shlepp Entertainment and of course the FEELN Festival Page.

You can also follow Sophia at her Instagram Profile and of course ours also HERE.


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