Drive the Koenigsegg CCX !!

 – Words: Anestis Mantzouranis


Once in a life-time opportunities are called that for a reason; oddly enough, they occur once in a lifetime! 

The trick is in being able to recognise a once-in-a-lifetime opportunity, and then act on it.

Well here’s one right now …

Koenigsegg Australia is proud to announce a new initiative aimed at allowing the Australian fans access to this world class car, in a way that no other manufacturer has ever done.

The initiative is the brain child of founder and importer Carl Trad, who despite the current economic environment, refuses to let his passion for this car be ruffled ! 

” We wanted to create something that would allow those who wouldn’t normally be able to afford a buy-out price, to experience this car”, he says, “This is obviously a top end of the market kind of car and many people, who are the real fans of these types of sports-cars, will never get to experience properly.”  

” The car can be seen at most car shows around the world, but I’m talking about the exhilaration of driving this car, of hearing the exhaust as it starts, the top end as it revs out and the gear changes! These are all things that will never be experienced by the majority of those that truly love this car!”

Carl would love to be able to get everyone to share in this experience, but the unfortunate reality of insurance and running costs means that he needs to aim it at a certain demographic. But that still allows many more into the experience than otherwise available if offered purely for purchase only.

So what’s the Deal ?

Firstly, let’s consider that the Koenigsegg is valued at $AUS2.1Million! Let’s compare that to say the Lamborghini Murcielago which is the top end equivalent offering from Lambo and is valued at around AUS$750,000. 

The Murcielago would be available for a rental rate at selected rental companies, for a rate of $8,500 per day.

The Ferrari 599, valued at circa $650,000 is about the same on a per day basis.

So what would you then expect to pay to drive the Koenigsegg .. ?

$15,000 per day .. ?

$10,000 per day .. ?

How good does $6,818 per day sound ??

Here’s how it works ..

  • Club Members pay an initial AUS$150,000 for 12 month’s Club Koenigsegg membership
  • Club Members receive an amount of $75,000 after 12 months as a 50% Rebate! 
  • Club Members can drive the car 11 times per year, which is only $6,818.00 per day, WAY lower than the Lambo and the Ferrari examples given above.
  • This is very low cost, considering the Murcielago rents for $8,500 per DAY and is valued around $750,000 where the Koenigsegg CCX is valued at $2.1 million.

Of course terms and conditions apply and this offer is available to approved applicants only.

For further information, please contact Carl Trad directly here, or reply to this news item here !

Happy driving !!


General specifications
Country of origin Sweden
Numbers built N/A – Hand Built to Order
Model on Show Current
Configuration 90º V8, Twin Super-Charged Engine
Location Rear mounted 
Construction 356 Aluminium alloy block with T7 heat treatment
Displacement 4.7Ltr / 288 Ci
Compression 8.2:1
Super-Chargers 2 * 17.5 psi / 121 kPa
Gearbox 6 Speed Manual
Drive Rear wheel drive
Performance figures
Power (Non Bio Fuel) 860 bhp / 601 KW @ 6900 rpm
Torque 678 lb·ft (919 N·m) of torque at 5700rpm
0 – 100km/h 2.9 seconds
Standing 1/4 mile 8.8 seconds
0 – 300km/h – 0 29.2 seconds
Bio-Fuel (E10) Stats
Power 1018 Bhp
Top Speed 429 km/h


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