Covergirl Viviana’s Vision for AMORE FOR DOGS HAVEN

Our gorgeous Covergirl Viviana Soldano Fabrizio has mentioned this in her interviews, and now she’s stepping up to make it a reality.

We’re talking about her vision for AMORE FOR DOGS HAVEN.

In order to make this dream a reality, Viviana has asked for support from fans and followers via her GoFundMe fund-raiser page.

Here’s an excerpt from that page;

Bruce & Viviana FaBrizio founders of Amore for Dogs Foundation  are  raising money for the  Amore For Dogs  Foundation   new Dog Haven to be built in Orange County , CA  in the near future.

Welcome to the Amore for dogs experience. In 2013 Bruce & Viviana FaBrizio founded the 501-(c3) non profit organization with the primary focus of adopting out dogs stuck in shelters to forever loving homes.  With  the ongoing support of Simple Green and many friends the foundation has successfully placed dozens of dogs from California to Houston, and from Florida to Boston.

The Amore for Dogs Foundation is now starting phase 2; A Dog HAVEN with a multiplicity of projects. We are looking for a five acre parcel to build a state of the art facility. It will include 100 bunks for 100 furry guests and permanent residents, a general store, the EGBAR & Grill to peruse all the essentials in a dog’s life, and an exercise yard with expert dog trainers. We will also have a SPA and Veterinary Clinic to help with any medical issues. The focus will be on several fronts, a Halfway House for dogs on their way to forever homes, a retirement home for those dogs who’s owners can no longer take care of them, and will also serve as a rehabilitation center for abused dogs. There will be a Rainbow bridge to a Chapel and a Cemetery  for a dignified final resting place .

Anyone interested in more information, or would like to help, please contact Viviana or Bruce at AMOREFORDOGS.ORG .

The Fundraiser page is located HERE and all are encouraged to click the link and make a donation –


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