Charlee Carlton features in Edition 60 – The Sexy Dreamgirl Edition

    –  Appearing in Edition 60 – The Sexy Dreamgirl Edition 

– Charlee Carlton –
Charlee Carlton ! – Edition 60

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See more of Charlee Carlton in Edition 60 ..


Charlee Carlton


Country of Origin

Career Highlight
Published as a Covergirl and a number of Websites, plus I am competing in Miss Coed 2016.

If you were a car …
Tesla S model because it’s so sexy and sporty yet it has four doors so it’s a good fit for mommies with children!

Favourite Car 
Tesla S Model because it’s sporty and sexy with lots of power!

I have been celibate for more than two years now to focus on my goals and successes. My most recent ex meant the most to me and I consider that relationship to have been the most satisfying, thus far!

All fluffy animals and people that display honesty and compassion! 

Rude People !

Greatest Ambition
I love helping people and animals in need. I am frequently donating to animal shelters and the Salvation Army

Appears in
Edition 60 FeatureGirl

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