Candace Rae: Let’s Hear it for the Girl !!

As most would know by now, we’ve always been fans of empowered women, and those who give their all for their art, craft and personal goals!In particular, we’re fans of those young ladies who, like their male counterparts, have a natural entrepreneurial flair and go for what they believe in with all their hearts! Our trek on the wire this week, led us to discover one such lady who certainly encompasses all that is with-in the definition of a `global model’, and then personifies an entrepreneur in her field as well!The lady in question is the gorgeous Canadian with beaming smile and flaming red hair combination enough to make Scarlet O’Hara envious! Enter Candace Rae !

A native of Canada, Candace now resides in Sydney at the beautiful northern beaches, whilst she pursues her passion for the creative art that is the modeling industry.

We had the pleasure to meet this young lady and discuss common interests!

At first glance, her playfully flirtatious nature, beaming smile and flowing hair bring about a beauty that is quite charming. 

And indeed the spark in her eye, proves that she is! But she is a lot more; with personal modeling credits, art direction and styling for major photo-shoots already under her belt, Candace also has the experience of being the hostess for the successful men’s social network,

Not being one to rest on her laurels, as lovely as they are, Candace runs her own BlogTV site and ofcourse, her own website which launches in early September.

As if that wasn’t enough to keep any young lass out of mischief (or into more depending on your view), Candace has been invited to host a TV Show in Los Angeles that is predominantly focused on modern lifestyle and the everyday events, circumstances and humor that keeps us real; and some un-real!

We have a feeling you may be hearing more of this young lady, in and around our pages, but for now, a light round of applause in encouragement for more pics – ofcourse that’s our vested interest!


Excerpt from Edition 21 – August Edition!

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