Are SuperCars Dinosaurs ?

– Anestis Mantzouranis



It’s an interesting world we live in at the moment! I’d suggest one with at least a little confusion … On one hand, it disappoints me greatly to see a supposedly dedicated, and reputable auto magazine contradict their own existence by subscribing to a prophecy of ` Doom and Gloom ‘ for the future of motor-sport, and in particular, Super-Cars ! A stupid
position when that content is Classic and Unique Muscle Cars!
Also, their responsibility is to present the industry truth and not cater to fear mongers pushing delusion of a full hybrid solution to the fuel crisis. 

On the other hand, we have major automotive manufacturers, who are genuinely feeling the pinch of the current economic market, yet still predicting the existence of their lead muscle cars well into mid century ! And powered by an evolved version of the same piston, combustion V8 engine that currently runs performance vehicles. 

One of these manufacturers is General Motors Holden who in conjunction with sister company General Motors Chevrolet in the USA, have released their official sketches for a HSV Coupe for 2020! 

Further, most governments around the world, have mandated manufacturers of Super-Cars in their respective countries, reduce emissions by circa 8% – 10% on their lead product only
by 2018. This means for instance that Ferrari has to reduce emissions on the Modena to be compliant, not the Enzo nor the California, and Lamborghini on the Diablo only, not the Murcielago etc. 

Of course the goal is to eventually reduce emissions by 100% across all lines, but that would need to be a `financially viable and a technically proven’ alternative first before it becomes reality.

Now don’t get the wrong impression here, all Motor-Sport, Muscle-Car and Super-Car enthusiasts share the same concerns about our ecology as do the rest of the planet; In fact, I’d suggest even more so as they have a vested interest in driving their beloved toys. But to suggest that, either because of the current economic crisis, or the fuel crises which come and go, that anything with a V8 engine carries a `Soon to be Extinct’ badge, is completely
ludicrous and delusional !

Hybrid vehicles are certainly welcome … and few are aware that the technology was actually evolved on the formula 1 race tracks seeking more efficient use of fuel over engine
management. But Hybrid vehicles are, at the moment at least, a solution for what are currently non-performance, daily drivers – ie normal cars. 

It’s a little `head-in-the-sand’ for automotive journalists to ignore the booming performance car market and simply assume the answer is that they’ll go away. How can they, when demand soars each year with each model ? That Foose guy alone is keeping the industry and market alive !

Seriously, the best solution that we can see to a problem that is as much about enjoyment and performance as it is responsibility, lies in the `type of fuel’ being used, as much as in
the `way’ it is being used. 

So as the engine evolves, why not also the fuel evolve … and in particular, what’s called for is an evolution in the `way’ we refine it ?! 

I’m certainly showing my age when I say that I can clearly recall putting SUPER grade engine into my car. In fact, in those days I was a humble drive-way attended pumping gas at the local BP for a few bucks an hour! But the point being, that the equivalent of High Octane Premium Fuel in those days was SUPER, with most cars using REGULAR!

So if in less than 20 years, we found a way to convert Full Lead SUPER fuel to High Octane Unleaded, then why can’t we, in say the next 10 – 20 years refine that same source of fuel
even further so that it burns CLEAN !

Put more simply, I put it to you that the FUEL is NOT the problem! I put it to you that the WAY our Oil Companies REFINE that fuel (or lack of), is more the point of the argument !

Follow this with me for a while … If Fossil fuels come from Fossils .. and if Fossils come from Dinosaurs compressed, heated and cooled over millions of years, deep in the Earth’s core, and based on the fact that those Dinosaurs were made of flesh, like you and I, then it would follow that those Dinosaurs are Bio-DEGRADABLE! That is, they break-down and leave close to or zero residue. 

Now stay with me for a little longer .. if the source of the fuel is BIO-Degradable, then why isn’t the Fuel itself likewise ??

Of course the answer is that the Carbon content, and the Carcinogens present in un-refined fuel sources is the problem. And it’s a very expensive process to refine further as it would
involve changing tooling and factory machines world wide.  

Fossil fuels are with us for a long time. And so are Muscle-Cars, Super-Cars and 90 degree V8 engines! And if that offends people, then I ask them to look over areas of their lives and ask themselves what they’re doing to assist the cause.

Especially when the automotive industry is spending millions every year developing and testing to move close to an eco-friendly solution.  

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General Motors Holden’s view of the 2020
model GTS Coupe – Could this be the Monaro of the future ?


Hand Sketches of 2020 GTS Concept !


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