Annalise Braakenseik Strips for Charity !

In CLEO’s latest issue six gorgeous Australian celebs have stripped naked for their favorite charity. These will be auctioned off on the 1st of February, with the proceeds from each going to their chosen charity.“I feel very passionate about speaking on behalf of animals and children who can’t speak for themselves”, Annalise explains.“It breaks my heart so much that I feel compelled to do everything I can to help, which is why I have been involved with PETA for several years now”!PETA is an organization that stands for the Protection and Ethical treatment of Animals. They have been a long time campaigner for animal rights and have been very clever in their marketing, with campaigns just like this, to ensure that the message is distributed loud and clear.You can help!

Annalise wasn’t paid for the shoot, and nor will she receive funds from the sale of this print.

All proceeds will go directly to the charity for this worthwhile cause.

Starting today, go to the link here and place your bid …

That’s what we’ll be doing!


Annalise bares all in support of


  1. I love Annalise. One of Australia’s best export models in the 90’s and still a very beautiful girl

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