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Usually a word describing the hormone released into the blood stream in response to the excitement of an adventure! In this case, this is the handle by which our South African swimsuit model and actress Lynne McCarthy chooses to brand herself! 

Not that we need any reminder, but given that she’s into fast cars, fast living and the high rush of the corporate marketing world, there’s no question our gorgeous feature model, is Miss Adrena-Lynne!

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“I’m not a model,” Lynne will say smiling, and then casually add “I’m just Lynne ! ”

“I think I’m quite average looking and more beautiful on the inside”. 

“I take more pride in my loving and caring nature and emotional and intellectual growth. I hold a BSC degree in psychology and enjoy the realm of the mind !”

“My passion in life is to give and make a difference by doing so. There is so much joy in giving,
whether it is love, care, material things or empathy.”

Having said all that though, Lynne has had a number of significant modeling successes!

Lynne holds the title of “Miss Houston Texas 2001”, “Miss Pretoria”, “Miss Johannesburg” and various others.

Lynne also has the experience of being published in various glossy and fashion magazines across the world, and if that is not enough, a successful acting career in bloom.

“I love doing charity work and I believe when you are well known and popular, you should stand next to a good cause, so that the light that is shining over you, is shared with a good cause.”

“Children of Cancer is one of my key focus charities, and I do what I can to support their causes
and beliefs.”

“My favourite car is undoubtedly the Aston Martin; It’s classy, performs well and the sheer sound of the engine, revs my engine !”

“My first car was a BMW that was held together with Hair-Clips!”

“If I were a car though, I’d be a Shelby Mustang! They’re Timeless and Classy !”

“I’m very excited to be featured in the autobabes i-Magazine. I’m always excited about new avenues for exposure and this is certainly a good one!”

“I love to travel, and have done that quite a bit with my modeling and acting career. But still not enough … I would still love to visit Greece, Italy, Europe and the East. ”

“There’s no University that can teach you what traveling does ! ”

“My ideal match would be a gentleman that has created his own success; Someone friendly, kind, giving, loyal, honest, intelligent and monogamous.”

“Looks wise, I would have to stick to the stereo-typical tall, dark and handsome, but someone that
is beautiful to me and that comes from within.”

“I would rather have a partner that is not as pleasing on the public eye, but warm in everyone’s

“I’m very tall (5’9″), so Height is very important to me. Also a shy guy is definitely a turn on
for me; A loud mouth is just so un-attractive.”

“I’m a lover of the written word and find a lot of satisfaction in a book, maybe this is why I’m single !?

No seriously, I used to be attracted to bad boys and had a hot affair with a drummer of a very well known rock band, but it quickly ended when I had to share him! ”

“If I had all the money in the world, I would be like Oprah; she makes her millions and gives back and that is what I would love to do. But I would most probably go on a shoe and clothing shopping spree in Milan first !”

_________________>Quick Stats<_________________

Occupation: Marketing Manager, Part Time Model, StarSign:

Likes:Psychology & studies of the mind, Acting/Modelling, Cooking

Dislikes: Impoliteness, Cruelty, Negative People Dimensions:

Greatest Ambition:To have a full and satisfying life.




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