Who is AutoBabes.com.au?

AutoBabes.com.au is unique and unlike any other online magazine!

Firstly, we are a true downloadable magazine, with traditional layout, turning pages, advertiser support and  professional editorial/pictorial.

Secondly, we are not a portal for pass-through traffic! We are a destination for a subscription base of visitors and consumers, both men and women, Baby Boomers, X and Y Generation,  who see the internet as an integral part of their lifestyle. When they search for and find content on our site, in areas of lifestyle & entertainment, automotive power & performance, most recent car reviews and of course pictorials of our cover girls and glamour models ,  they will interact with the content and offerings on our sites.

We like  to think of this site as a place where we encourage our partners to deliver their branding message and enable transactions by offering our members and visitors a great deal or discount!


If you would like exposure to our demographic of …

> 18 – 55 year old Male, Gen X, Y & Boomers, Good Disposable Income and Passionate about Cars, Girls and Lifestyle
> 18 – 30 year old Female, Attractive, Sexy and Desirable, Passionate about Beauty, Sexuality and Lifestyle
> 80% – 90% Tertiary Educated, Seeking Information and Entertainment
> 80% – 90% Photographic Lifestyle and Entertainment Literate,
> 80% – 90% Glamour Lifestyle and Style Aware,
> Early Adopters of Technology
> Consumers of alcoholic beverages (local and imported premium beers, local and imported wines, spirits and pre mixed drinks)
> < 20% are smokers, Meaning they are Health Conscious
> Dine out 2 times a week
> Travel for pleasure 1 – 2 times annually (international) and more frequently for business (interstate)
> Consumers of traditional magazines
> They already own or aspire to own an exotic sports car


> Male: 55%
> Female: 45%
<17yo: <10%
  18-24: 10%
>  25-34: 25%
>  35-44: 35%
>  45-54: 20%
>  55+: <10%


>  38.4% of traffic comes from Facebook.com
>  24.39% of traffic originating on autobabes.com.au
>  60.32% Search Engine Share (google.com.au)
> The key words ” Men’s Magazines ” returns a top 5 result in google (Exceptional Search Engine Optimisation)

Put simply, we unite advertisers with a broad global demographic or consumers who see the internet as an integral part of their lifestyle.

Advertising inquiries:
> ads@autobabes.com.au

Contact the Editor:

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