2017 750+ Shelby SuperSnake Car Wash

To some, this scene is just as sexy as Abigail Ratchford in the Sexiest Car Video Ever …  I have to admit, I can be persuaded either way !

But this is nonetheless, a 2017 Shelby SuperSnake, and therefore one of the sexiest cars on the road today!

It is in fact, the only registered Shelby SuperSnake in the state of NSW and one of the very few in Australia. It is also the only one made in this configuration in the entire world!

That’s sexy!

The car comes race ready from factory as you can expect from Shelby American; It  has at the heart of it’s powerplant, a highly modified 5.0 ltr V8 engine topped off by a very cool 2.9Ltr SuperCharger, taking the horsepower rating to a more than respectable 750 – 800 Hp.

That would also make it one of the most powerful factory original and road registered cars in the country.

It looks a million dollars in a brilliant Lightning Blue which is a new 2017 colour, traditional stripes and the carbon fibre all over it! This includes the front, side and rear skirts, the rear wing of course and the bonnet. There is also a generous amount thrown into the engine bay and the interior.

It goes as great as it looks folks!

Enjoy the video … and visit Abigail Ratchford also ..


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