2013 autobabes Magazine Model of the Year and SuperCar of the Year

We celebrate our winners in the category of 2013 Model of the Year and SuperCar of the Year !

(Published with Edition 50 – The Sexy Swimsuit Edition).

As this is the first edition for the new year, it is customary to make a series of lists that herald the best of the previous year. These are generally top 10 lists of celebrity models with most magazines, but we thought we’d provide our choices for the Top 5 autobabes.com.au Car of the Year and Model of the Year awards !

The autobabes.com.au 2013 Model of the Year

Any one of our girls are eligible for this title, regardless of whether they appeared on cover or in feature. It’s not necessarily a beauty contest, but an over-all package of their beauty, their feminine sexuality and their personalities. Their interaction with our social network is also very important.

For the 2013 series, we award the title to Edition 48 and Edition 46 cover model, Perth based Courtney Piercy !

Courtney is the epitome of an Australian model with her work ethic, enthusiasm and commitment to excellence. She exudes beach beauty and can be just as comfortable in a lingerie or fashion catalogue.

In a very close 2nd place, we rate Sydney model Esther Childs. Esther was extremely fun to shoot for the Bond Beach Girls Edition, providing very sexy themed swimsuit shots and remains the most popular post on our site.

In 3rd place was the very stunning Sydney model Rach Del Wheato who appeared on the cover of the Bond Beach Girls edition with gorgeous representation of the original Bond Bikini Girl `Honey Rider’. Rach exudes sex appeal and her classic beauty was perfect for the Bond Girl icon.

In 4th place is Jessica Jane who appeared on the cover of Edition 49 with an amazing representation of a Vampire Seductress in our Halloween ’13 Edition. The realism of Jessica’s photos and character impersonation was at the level of Twilight and True Blood.

In 5th place, we rate Keisha Waugh also from the Bond Beach Girls Edition. Keisha completed the Bond Beach Girls set with her version of Hale Berry’s Jynx (known as Kynx), in a themed orange bikini with the diving knife and a series of spy issue hand-guns.

All the girls in 2013, were incredibly gorgeous & we congratulate & thank all for appearing in our publication.

The autobabes.com.au 2013 Car of the Year

There were many cars in 2013 that could have taken this title and most of them well deserved !

For the 2013 series, we award the 2013 Car of the Year title to the C7 Corvette Stingray.

This is an incredible example of automotive engineering with the car evolving in the C7 version as a world class super sports car with all the refinement & luxury inclusions you’d expect from it’s European equivalents. The Corvette revives the Stingray name with a model that is the most powerful to date.

But more importantly, the title is awarded for the Corvette’s price range which keeps the Street Legal SuperCar affordable to most enthusiasts.

The Lamborghini Gallardo GT-3 with a 0-100k time under 3 seconds is indeed a very worthy candidate. The GT-3 is a track designed model which makes an effortless transition to a street legal road version also. The car continues to dominate the sportscar market with it’s incredible design, brutal power and most importantly, the precision of handling.

In 3rd place, the Aston Martin Vanquish Volante is the ultimate GT and now comes as a convertible. With a gorgeous 565Hp, the Vanquish Volante remains true to Aston Martin’s core values of “Power, Beauty & Soul”.

In 4th place, we rate the Mercedes Benz C63 AMG 507 Coupe. This incredible car is the final in a series that has been the most successful AMG model ever made. The high performance sports car comes in coupe, sedan and wagon body styles and pumps out a healthy and respectable 507Hp (which is where the model gets its name) from the 6.2Ltr AMG V8 engine !

The 507 will surge from 0 – 100k in 4.2 secs in both sedan & coupe forms, while the more practical estate takes 4.3!

Either way, compared to most street legal sports cars, especially in a wagon estate form, that’s around 0.1 of a second faster than most of the performance pack on the market.

Finally, coming in at 5th place is the SRT Viper GT-3. The 640hp ultimate brute sports car has had some refinement added without losing performance edge.

The SRT Viper has evolved from the racing stables of SRT & has transitioned well to the road with room for further refinement. The viper is also a very sexy car to look at. As their brochure says, “Your eyes follow the curves & lines right into the driver’s seat”

An impressive Top 5 with 2013 already looking more competitive !



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