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2011 Jaguar XFR !

Jaguar’s racing heart beats fastest in the Super-Charged version of the XFR; the most dynamic, most exhilarating expression of Jaguar sporting luxury.

Bold, aggressive styling and muscular supercharged 5.0 Litre V8 power. The dramatic lines of a coupe, with four doors and seating for five adults. The Jaguar XFR is the definitive sporting saloon.

With a re-designed nose section, the big 5.0 litre engine now receives more air due to the better flow into the engine bay. In addition, the cooling is better by the air flowing out of the engine bay – both an advantage of the two small air intakes in the bonnet and two big chrome-edged cooling ducts beneath the headlights. The more dominant radiator grille in the centre aids in the aggressive overall looks, but also provide a tornado of air when needed.

The engine is a new 5.0 Litre – 5000cc – supercharged V8, which produces a very comfortable 503bhp at 6000rpm and 461lb ft at 2500rpm.

Driving the motor, is an upgraded six-speed automatic transmission from the standard  XF, which comes with paddle-shifters behind the steering wheel. Jaguar has completely reworked the software, however, to allow many degrees of sporting feel, including a mode that will not allow the gearbox to shift up, even if you hit the rev limiter!

The Dynamic mode and DSC is still there, but holding the button down for quite a long 15 seconds, the entire system can be disengaged, at which point you’ll also become aware that the new E-diff can be locked up by 90%. In more normal driving however, you’re more likely to appreciate the extra traction it generates on all surfaces, rather than how sideways the XFR can go if you want it to. Although, there’s nothing wrong with that either!

The dampers are are extremely sophisticated and are continuously variable in their operation, although both dampers and springs are significantly stiffer in the XFR. The theory of course, is that they should allow the XFR to ride perfectly in all conditions and on all surfaces, and this has been met.

“If you want the best all round high performance saloon, the Jaguar XFR is the answer !” 
– AUTOCAR Online.

The XFR is a rear-wheel-drive sports car that is naturally extremely stiff and keeps its kerb weight to 1891kg with the use of aluminium in numerous areas around the body. This figure is in line with the sector average for big four-seat sports saloons.

But the personality of the XFR is mostly defined by the way it combines monumental acceleration with extraordinary refinement by comparison to it’s peers. As a result, it is a deceptively rapid machine to drive on the road.

The accelerator has been perfectly matched in its size, weight and density, to the immediate engine response of the  XFR. This makes it amazingly effortless in its acceleration and ground coverage. The throttle is most responsive and impressive in the low and mid-ranges, which is where it also produces the throaty note characteristic of the big cat’s big V8!

It’s hard to say how fast the  XFR ultimately is ! The speed limiter is set to 155mph and although there is no way to turn it off, you would imagine that it could easily top 185mph!

It’s the torrential flow of torque however, available right from the start, that provides the XFR with its overtaking acceleration.

It accelerates from 0 to 60mph (0-100kph) in just 4.7sec, but the real gem here is how fast it can get from 50-70mph – just 2.1sec – and then, how efficiently fluid it feels while doing so!

Against the clock the BMW M5 is fractionally quicker, but in real-world driving the Jag’s broader on-demand performance makes it the overall quicker car. The braking power of the XFR is similarly impressive, but again it’s the feel and response of the brakes that stand out.

The XFR strikes a perfect balance between handling precision, ride comfort, body control and steering accuracy. This holds true even in comparison to the top level of the market.



General specifications
Country of origin United Kingdom
Introduced 2011
Numbers Produced N/A




Configuration 90degree V8
Capacity 5,000cc
Cylinders/Valves per Cylinder 8/4
Bore/Stroke 92.5/93
Compression Ratio 9.5:1




Power 500bhp / 373 kw
@rev/min 6,000-6,500



The Jaguar version above is the Arden AJ22. Arden is a German based tuning company that has been tuning vehicles since 1972. The company combines handcraftsmanship and tradition with future technologies. One of it’s latest projects is the modified Jaguar XJ aptly named the AJ22. It has a complete aerodynamic package consisting of front and rear apron, side skirts and a  rear spoiler. In addition, Arden offers a 4-pipe stainless steel custom exhaust system with high-performance catalytic converters to boost the performance of the engine. The result is just an amazing deep sound and some additional horse power. Last, but not least the tuning company offers exclusive Arden Sportline wheels with dimensions 10Jx21″ fitted with high performance tires optimizing the handling and grip









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