2008 Koenigsegg CCX: The Star of the Australian International Motorshow ?? !!

There were some obvious omissions; BMW, Porsche, Mercedes and Audi (with the exception of a solitary white R8 in a glass box outside the show).

But that wasn’t something that was overly noticeable, with local security at the gate reporting that the numbers by the end of the first weekend were `about normal’.

When you consider that the biggest motor-race in Australia, the V8 SuperCars at Bathurst, were also on at the same time, that’s probably not a bad result. So was this a message that the Australian public were still attracted to the Australian Motorshow regardless of the big draw cards ? Was this a snub to those names that felt the Australian economy did not warrant their appearance in times of global economic insecurity ?

Perhaps … or perhaps there were other big names that were just as exciting if not more than the missing `Fab Four’ !

Ferrari has it’s fleet in force, and is sporting the new California at center stage. This is a 4.3 ltr, fuel injected version of their 50’s classic that puts out 460 horse power. 

Next door are Maserati with their modern breed, and a little further down the Bull appears in all shades bar RED (a pearl shaded lime Green coupe being all the rage).

But the crowd quickly forms a road block and traffic stop where the most interest is; and that’s the SuperCar Centre which is a corral of more horses than Wyatt Earp and Billie the Kid had ever known – nor could handle for that matter ! 

The SuperCar Centre is an exciting community of some of the worlds’ best one off or exceptionally limited edition sports cars! These include Lotus, Morgan Aero, Bufori and a few unique Porsche’s.

But the real Up-Town or Big-Boy’s Toys side of the SuperCar Center collection includes the Pagani  Zonda, and the highlight in the orange corner; the incredible Swedish made Koenigsegg !

Valued at circa AUS$2Mil, this is an exceptional vehicle that boasts a top speed of close to 400km/h and a 0 – 100 rating of a blistering 2.9 seconds !

These specs mean that the 2005 Bugatti Veyron is the only vehicle that can come within challenging rights for the claim of `fastest road-registered car’ on the planet … But the Koenigsegg still wins !

Constructed mostly of Carbon Fibre and a space-frame chassis, the Swedish manufacturer claims an un-matched power to weight ratio of 1.59kg/hp ! This is in keeping with the spirit of `Purity and Efficiency’ that delivers blistering speed and lightweight comfort !

The Australian importer, and all around good guy, Carl Trad, provides commentary to the show crowd from within the corral, and a description of the car’s specs …

“The CCX is a little more refined than it’s predecessor, the CR, ” He says … “the main upgrades are the addition of twin SuperChargers where the previous model had only one, and then changes to the light surrounds and minor body differences. “

Carl had some issues with compliance on the previous model imported circa 2004, but says that with the right support now from Sweden in meeting the strict Australian conditions, this car is in a much better position!

“It’s taken me some time to get to this point,”, he smiles, “but here we are, with a true Right-Hand Drive SuperCar that meets Australian (and American emissions regulations)! This one is fully road registered and ready to go !”

So the question now remains, who will be the lucky owner also ready to go ?! 

The car is currently on sale at the motorshow, with another to follow very soon. With genuine leads already in hand, it won’t take long before the Super Sexy Swede, takes permanent residence in Australia!

With a Bio-Fuel optional extra available, the car is definitely a responsible choice for those who thought they had it all !

The car speaks for itself, and is definitely a star of both the show and  the SuperCar Central corral, but with our girls Amanda, Sam and Elyse helping raise awareness, that star shines just a little brighter !!

The Australian Motorshow is currently on at Darling Harbour in Sydney, and runs from 9th to 19th October !


of origin
– Hand Built to Order
Model on Show 2008 / 2009
Configuration 90º  V 8
Location Rear mounted and Twin SuperCharged
Construction 356 Aluminum alloy block with T7 heat treatment
Displacement 4.7Ltr / 288 Ci
Compression 8.2:1
SuperChargers 2 * 17.5 psi / 121 kPa
Gearbox 6 Speed Manual
Drive Rear wheel drive
Performance figures
Power 806 bhp / 601 KW @ 6900 rpm 
Torque 678 lb·ft (919 N·m) of torque at 5700rpm



See more of the incredible Koenigsegg in Edition 23 !!

Koenigsegg CCX

Koenigsegg CCX – Engine Bay

Sydney Model, Elyse Bailey !

Sydney Model, Elyse Bailey !

Sydney Model, Sam Smith _________________

Sydney Model and Edition 20
Feature Model, Amanda Schlegel 

Sydney Model, Renee Slansky _________________

SuperCar Central: Bufori ________________

SuperCar Central: Morgan Aero 8 _________________

SuperCar Central: Lotus Elyse

SuperCar Central: Bolwell

SuperCar Central: Pagani Zonda

Ferrari California


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