TopGear: LibertyWalk’s Wide Body Mustang in the Uk

Our friends at Uk car show Top Gear, recently posed a very interesting question to it’s online fans;

Can a modified, wide-body Ford Mustang work on Britain’s roads?

Great question!

For that matter, can a Wide-Body Mustang work on any suburban road in any country ? And the answer is most certainly a resounding yes! Well perhaps with the exception of China and Japan who have population explosion issues already!

And perhaps with exception of cities in European countries with ancient heritage .. ie Paris, Greece, Rome etc.

So it made some sense that Top Gear would choose a country back drop to test the stunning Wide-Body Mustang by Japanese auto mod-shop Liberty Walk.

Their country estate of choice; Oxfordshire which they describe as Britain’s archetypal rural idyll! A sleepy country town that is hundreds of years old with it’s most attractive feature being the thatched roofs and the myriad of pubs!

But enough about the sleepy country side .. how did the Mustang fare ?

You can read it directly on the TG site here;, and enjoy the sample pics presented here, with thanx to Rowan Horncastle.

To visit Liberty Walk and see many of their other Wide-Body creations, click here;



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