Tickford Racing Monster Energy 2019 Mustang Supercar Revealed

Following on from the Ford Performance Mustang Supercar reveal ahead of the race teams, today the partnership of Tickford Racing and Monster Energy have unveiled their own challenger in the 2019 Virgin Australia Supercars Championship in their race ready livery.

In an official release, Monster Energy reaffirmed its support of Tickford Racing, which will see them continue their partnership into a fourth consecutive year. Further, Monster Energy continues its status as naming rights partner aboard Cameron Waters’ No. 6 Ford Mustang Supercar.

“Monster Energy’s link with motorsport around the world is an important part of our brand DNA, and we are proud to continue our partnership with Tickford Racing,” Ryder said. “Tickford remains one of the top teams in Supercars, and we look forward to celebrating their continued success in 2019.”

Of course this is Cameron Waters’ fourth full-time season with Monster Energy having raced with the energy drink giant’s partnership with Tickford each year since they started.

“Obviously Monster Energy has been on my car since my rookie year, so I’m pumped to have them back on board for 2019,” said Waters, 24. “We’re entering a new era of the sport, what with the Mustang being the first two-door car and just the history behind Mustang, so it’ll be cool to have Monster be a part of it. Everyone’s wanted to see the Mustang Supercar in a race livery, and it’s safe to say it looks fantastic in Monster Energy colours. It’ll still be the best looking car on track. I can’t wait to fire it up, and hopefully celebrate some big results in it in 2019.”

Some of the fans are still not sold on the look of the Mustang over the V8Supercars control chassis, but we have to agree that the colours of the Monster Energy – Tickford Racing challenger do suit the lines of the Mustang Supercar.

Of course the important thing is how fast it goes around the championship circuits more so than the way it looks and by all test results, the mustang will be a worthy challenger.

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