The GEN3 Ford Mustang V8 SuperCar Tests at Mount Panorama

It’s a tradition that’s as true to the heart of Australia as any other! It’s motor racing but more specifically the respectful rivalry between Ford vs Holden!

Of course when the tradition began it was all about Falcons vs the Monaros and for a little while the Toranas, but those glorious pioneering days are all history now.

In this new age, the rivalry turns to a whole new armory and that is the Ford Mustang vs the Chevrolet Camaro ZL1

An amazing competition is shaping up with both cars now looking quite unique over the control chassis which is designed around their coupe shape. Last season the departure of the Falcon in the middle of the GEN2 cycle saw the entry of the Mustang struggle to fit over the Falcon’s full saloon chassis. Although the car qualified and met all the compliance requirements, it looked more than a little dodgy – some might say ugly. Only true fans were able to turn a blind eye to the skinny and exaggerated tall capsule appearance but as Ford Racing execs once said ..

“There is nothing ugly when it’s in the Winners’ Lane!”

And how true that was as the Shell Mustang dominated under driver Scotty McLaughlin!?

This season though, with their natural aerodynamics and low to the ground good looks, the show is well and truly on!

This is the DJR developed GEN3 Mustang looking very much at home as the grandchild of the first mustang to rule Mount Panorama in the late 60’s with Alan Moffat at the wheel.

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