Submission: Erin Hansen



Name: Erin Hansen

Place of Birth: Canada

Current Address: Saskatchewan Canada

Date of Birth: dec 3

Likes: i am an eyes girl! nice eyes always draw me in, and of course good hygiene
Dislikes: bad hygiene, and rotten attitudes total turn off
Greatest ambition: to make centerfold in playboy, i need a working visa and i am golden! but i have done well for myself i am an international swim suit model with wet peach!

Whats important to me about modeling is achieving my goals and doing the best i can! modeling changes day to day so if you arent changing with it then your out!

life is like a gift each day is a new gift and challenge!

if you could give me anything at all it would be to be in playboy in any country, i don’t care what country the magazine is amazing and i fit in it beautifully!!!!!

the ideal theme to photograph me in would be on the beach rolling around in the sand and water doing a sensual sexy shoot!

i found out about you guys on a routine model search and bam!!!here i am!

Erin appears in Edition 53 – The Royal Edition. See more of Erin here;

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