Shelby American Unveils the 900HP GT500 King Of The Road !

The current Shelby GT500 already has amazing capabilities. We’re taking it to an entirely new level for the extreme driver. — Shelby American Vice President, Vince LaViolette .

Ford Performance has unveiled the Ford Mustang Shelby GT500 and it certainly offers plenty of performance straight out of the box. However, there are always going to be those buyers seeking more, and that’s where companies like Shelby American step in.

The Ford tuner extraordinaire already has an upgrade for the GT500 that lifts output from the stock 760-hp rating to something closer to 800 hp. Now the company has an upgrade that lifts the output to over 900 hp—and it revives the King of the Road designation.

The current Shelby GT500 already has amazing capabilities. We’re taking it to an entirely new level for the extreme driver. — Shelby American Vice President, Vince LaViolette .

The original King of the Road Shelby, the GT500KR, was launched in 1968. The nameplate was revived in 2007 and now once more, this time as an upgrade for the modern GT500 which has been available since the 2020 model year.

The highlight of the latest GT500KR is the 5.2-liter supercharged V-8, which features a custom 3.8-liter Whipple supercharger to bump power to over 900 horses. Shelby also adds uprated cooling systems (intercooler and heat exchanger), plus a cold air intake and Borla cat-back exhaust.

Other upgrades include performance half shafts, unique tuning of the magnetic dampers, adjustable springs, and Ford Performance sway bars. Attached at each hub is a Shelby forged aluminum wheel, measuring 20×11 inches up front and 20×11.5 inches at the rear.

There are also numerous carbon-fiber parts for the body, like a new hood, front splitter and rear diffuser. Notice the hood’s added side vents? These are designed to cool the exhaust manifold, which in turn helps prevent heat soak and the engine to maintain peak power for longer. The vents are also water managed thanks to removable rain trays.

Shelby also includes a few interior touches, like custom mats and seat covers, and for buyers with more personalization in mind, there are several available items. The list includes a wide-body design, polished supercharger, body stripes, and rear-seat delete with harness.

Shelby will open the order books for the latest GT500KR on February 1, 2022. A turnkey car starts at $127,895, while existing GT500 owners can have their car turned into a GT500KR for $54,995.

2020+ Shelby GT500KR Upgrades


• Shelby by Whipple black finish supercharger system  

•900 horsepower 3.8-liter supercharger

•High-volume supercharger intercooler

•High-volume supercharger heat exchanger

•Open cold-air intake system

•Heavy-duty performance half-shafts

•Shelby ride–height adjustable front and rear springs

• Shelby by Borla cat-back exhaust system

• Ford Performance front and rear sway bars

• MagneRide suspension recalibration

• Caster/camber plates

• Shelby one-piece 6061-T6 forged aluminum wheels (20×11-inch front and 20×11.5-inch rear)

Performance tires

•Extended and hardened wheel studs

Exterior & Interior 

•Shelby carbon fiber hood

•Prepreg dry carbon fiber with functional evacuation air vents and special rain trays

• Shelby hood strut system

• Shelby hood lock housing

• Carbon fiber front splitter and rear diffuser

• Carbon fiber Gurney flap (non-CFTP) 

• Billet engine caps

• Shelby rocker stripes and badges 

• Leather seat recovers

• CSM numbered engine and dash plate


• Shelby Wide Body

• Painted Stripes

• Shelby Carbon Fiber Package (late availability)

• Rear seat delete with harness bar

• Le Mans style over the top stripes 

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