Rolls Royce Dramatic Self Chauffeured View of the Future with the 103EX!


Rolls Royce has unveiled their vision for their customers who love to be chauffeured in a grand luxury; and it doesn’t involve a Chauffeur !

That’s right, the Rolls Royce 103EX Concept is completley autonomous and engulfed in grand luxury.

The nearly concept vehicle that measures almost 20-foot, looks like it belongs more on a Hollywood set of James Bond or more aptly Batman! It is however a real concept and features a single door that opens like a barn door into an interior that is larger and better appointed than most luxury apartments !

The car also includes an intelligent electronic assistant named “Eleanor”, which is Rolls-Royce’s response to Apple Inc.’s Siri.

The name Eleanor of course comes from the model who inspired the Rolls Royce famous hood ornament all those years ago.

You can see more of the concept in the Rolls Royce marketing video – featuring the voice of Eleanor – here;


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