Playboy Model and `Queen of SnapChat’ dies at 34

Playboy model and self proclaimed – however true – `Queen of SnapChat’, Katie May died on February 4th after a tragic freak accident during a photoshoot a few days earlier.

Specifically, during the shoot on the 1st February, Katie tripped and fell. As a result of the fall, she noticed what she thought was a pinched nerve which unfortunately turned out to be a blood clot in her Carotid Artery.

Katie did check into a hospital but was released the same day. On February 4th, she suffered a stroke from which she was unable to recover.

Although her title of being a Playboy model certainly brought her fame, Katie May is most notably known for her social media dominance and in particular the social media platform Snap-Chat and Instagram where she has almost 2 million followers on each.

Katie leaves behind her 7 yr old daughter.

This is one of Katie’s last photos with Playboy …

katie may

… you can also see the rest of her Playboy photos HERE;

This was Katie May’s last post on Facebook on January 30th.

Katie May

Rest in Peace Katie May.


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