Pic of the Day; Samantha Hopkins features in Edition 61 – The Sexy New Year Edition

    –  Appearing in Edition 61 – The Sexy New Year Edition 

– Samantha Hopkins –
Samantha Hopkins ! –
AutoBabes.com.au Edition 61

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See more of Samantha Hopkins in Edition 61 ..


Samantha Hopkins


Country of Origin
New Zealand

Career Highlight
Internationally published model, Commercial Modelling for Clothing Companies & Promo work for Motorsport events..

If you were a car …
I’d be Nissan Fair-Lady Z. These cars are very elegant looking but yet what’s under the hood can be deceiving, a bit like myself .. 😉

First Car 
1997 V-Tec Honda Civic. I had that car for 5 years, gave it death & it just kept on going!

I like modest men! Big egos are such a turn off! A guy that takes pride in his appearance & personal hygiene !

Fashion & Summertime! 

Feet! Yes, feet give me the creeps!

Who Would you Shoot/Marry/Sleep with; Harry Styles, Justin Beiber, Chris Hemsworth  ? 
I’d Shoot Harry, sleep with Justin and Marry Chris !


Appears in
Edition 61 Feature Girl

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