Pic of the Day; Hayli Hooper Features in Edition 69 – The Sexy Island Girl Edition

Appearing in Edition 69 – The Sexy Island Girl Edition

– Hayli Hooper –
Hayli Hooper ! Autobabes.com.au Edition 69

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Hayli Hooper


Country of Origin 

Career Highlights
Acting is a passion of mine. I won a prestigeous scholarship with Emmy award winning director Tom McSweeney and that brought me extensive on camera experience.

Favorite Car
1967 Ford Mustang, in particular Shelby GT500 – honestly what a sexy, sexy beast of a car! Pure sex on engine haha !

Biggest Turn-On
I like a guy who challenges me, a guy with a free spirit streak yet has his life together.

Anything out of the ordinary 😉!

Anything slow; Slow internet, slow drivers, slow people haha.

Greatest Ambition 
I want my own empire; my own success! And to feel that I am thriving !!

Appears in
Edition 69, Feature Girl ________________


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