Pic of the Day; Bonnie Leigh Jones appears on Cover of Edition 64 – The NZ Glamour Edition

    –  Appearing in Edition 64 – The NZ Glamour Edition 

– Bonnie Leigh Jones –
Bonnie Leigh Jones ! –
AutoBabes.com.au Edition 64


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Bonnie Leigh Jones


Country of Origin
New Zealand

Career Highlight
Being a hairdresser, owner of modelling agency `NZ’s Finest’ .. and being published on cover of autobabes .. 🙂

What does modelling mean for you
I love it when women are comfortable in the skin they’re in. There’s Nothing sexier than confidence!! I’m very comfortable with my lumps and bumps!! I’m actually really excited about showing more of my curves..watch this space!

Favorite Car 
I really love the big V8’s and the massive rumble! I’d love to own a Walkinshaw!

Biggest Turn-On
Someone who can make me laugh and has a nice personality !

Horse Riding, Fast Cars! 

Players !

Greatest Ambition
To be successful as a model and with my agency `NZ’s Finest’!

Appears in
Edition 64, CoverGirl

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