New Era For Two-Wheel Commuting And Connectivity

Urban Moto Imports is pleased to announce it is the new distributor for Super SOCO (electric motorcycles) in Australia and New Zealand.

Super SOCO has quickly shaped the direction of the electric motorcycle era with their innovative award winning designed SOCO TS and SOCO TC. Their focus on intelligent design and transportation has translated in environmentally friendly, tech savvy and fun two-wheelers.

Starting out in early 2015 with ambitions to introduce exciting new electric motorcycles to the world, Super SOCO now exports to 54 countries from a state of the art manufacturing facility with a goal of achieving 300,000 production units annually. Super SOCO is managed by the manufacturing and distribution group, Vmoto Limited, which specialises in electric powered two wheel vehicles.

“We are very delighted to reached agreement with Urban Moto Imports, a very successful Australian premium motorcycle distribution company, to distribute Vmoto’s Super SOCO electric vehicle products in Australia and New Zealand markets. With Urban Moto Imports’ strong dealership network in Australia and New Zealand and its professionalism in the motorcycle industry, we are very excited and confident that the exceptional quality and design of Super SOCO electric motorcycles will be embraced and celebrated by consumers in Australian and New Zealand.” said Vmoto’s CEO, Mr Charles Chen.

Multiple Winner Of International Design Awards

Since day one of operations, Super SOCO has provided the energy and incredible stewardship to bring Super SOCO into the spotlight of major partnerships and investors such as Bosch, Samsung, Sony, Xiaomi, Shunwei, Jiufu and Weigao. The company based in Nanjing China now holds over of 205 patents, and has received a number of international awards, including Germany’s “iF Product Design Award” Japan’s “G-MARK Excellent Design” and “Good Design Award”

Urban Moto Imports is excited to embrace the new era electric motorcycles and strongly believes Super SOCO will become a brand by which others will be judged for their innovation and direction technology.

“We are forever in a changing landscape for both motorcycles, motorcycle culture and transport for the general public. Electric powered vehicles are already beginning to become the norm and for many reasons including their practicality of being less expensive to run, their low environmental impact and affordability for high quality. In congested built up cities, Super SOCO electric motorcycles offer the general non-driving community, the chance to own an affordable and economical form of transport that is light, practical and good looking at the same time. Commuting just became that little bit more special with the Super SOCO and we are very confident it will lead the way in the electric motorcycles space.” said Urban Moto Imports CEO, Joseph Elasmar.

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