Haruna Fuji features in Edition 65 – The Sexy Showgirl Edition

    –  Appearing in Edition 65 – The Sexy Showgirl Edition 

– Haruna Fujii –
Haruna Fujii ! –
AutoBabes.com.au Edition 65


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Haruna Fujii


Country of Origin

Career Highlight
I’m just making a start so this is my first major magazine shoot but I am hoping to be a successful international model.

If you were a Car/Bike 
I would be a super bike from Harley Davidson. Run loud n cool, every one looks back when it’s coming 🙂

Favourite Car 
Chevy Impala. I’ve loved that ever since I saw Jensen Ackles on American TV driving one.


A man who can make me laugh, says a lot of jokes and takes me for bike rides !

Motorbikes, classic cars, Hot men, Guitars! 

Ghosts, Cockroaches !

Greatest Ambition
To own a Harley and go for tours with many bike lovers  


Appears in
Edition 63 & 65 Feature Girl

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  1. Just wanted to say another fan here. I am sure many of us linger here and read, wanted to let you know we are here enjoying you too!

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