Engstler Motorsport Teamwork in Crisis

In light of the Covid-19 pandemic, Franz Engstler has set up a fund to help members of Engstler Motorsport and Engstler Automobile families. The deadly virus has caused a massive disruption on the world economy shutting down social gathering, events, sporting activities including all forms of circuit racing, putting a halt to the team’s 2020 plans and along with it, jobs for the members of the team.

The complete shut-down has affected all members of Engstler Motorsport and Engstler Automobile, and is especially hard on the freelancers attached to the team as they are not on payroll of the team outside of events. Recognising the loss of income and potential hardship faced by these freelancers, the management recently set up an “Emergency Budget” for eligible freelancers, should they need a monthly loan for necessities during the global lockdown.

“We realised that our freelencers were in a tough spot as there are no work available and therefore have no income to support their families. It is a sad situation for many of us in the sport and in many industries and while companies will make provisions for their permanent staff, there are a lot more involved in the makings of a race team, especially the freelancers” said Kurt Treml, Sport & Marketing Director of Engstler Motorsport.

In an email, from Franz Engstler, he detailed to all Engstler Motorsport and Engstler Automobile freelancers that they are able to take a loan from this fund with immediate effect. “We reached out to our freelancers around Europe and Asia and told them of this. This is in anticipation of anyone who will come into a financial hardship in the coming months. I have given the bank a personal guarantee so the money is immediately available for them without any bureaucratic entanglements nor interest.

“We hope, by sharing this “Emergency Budget” plan for our freelancers, many other teams who are able to, will do the same. Freelancers play just as an important role as our permanent staff, they help us to win races, they are a part of the team and they are our family. Through this, we hope to all get through the tough times together and come back from it even stronger.

“I am really very proud of ALL OF YOU and I hope, we will all meet again very soon at the racetrack! “Please stay safe and healthy, together we will overcome this crisis!” ended Engstler.

The Engstler Emergency Budget is available for freelancers that have been a part of either Engstler Motorsport or Engstler Automobile for more than a year. The monthly loan can be made available immediately, with no interest and a repayment plan will be discussed between each individual and the management to reach a comfortable agreement. The loan is extended with the intention of use for daily cost of living including rental, doctor fees and etc.

The global Covid-19 pandemic has disrupted life and the world’s economy and so far, a cure or vaccine has yet to be found. So while staying safe at home, many are facing financial difficulties and those in motorsport have not been spared, as circuit racing the world over is at a standstill.

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