Absolut Vodka is seeking a `Professional Drinker’!


Yes, it’s True; The Swedish Vodka producer, The Absolut Company, placed a job ad on LinkedIn for a manager to replace retiring Per Hermansson this year.

The position seeks a `Professional Taster’ and calls for a management skillset called `Sensory Strategy Design’, as well as a “billion-dollar nose”.

It is known that Mr Hermansson, who currently holds the position and is preparing for his retirement after 35 yrs in the role,  has this “billion-dollar nose” and has been an asset to The Absolut Company.

To qualify for the position, you must have the following attributes;

  • You are a leader and entrepreneur
  • You are a storyteller and a star
  • You are a doer and a team player 

Further information is in the video below, where Per Hermanssion with the `Billion Dollar Nose’ describes the Sensory Strategy role;

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