1963 Chevrolet Corvette


Why is it that some of the most coolest things in the world, are vintage or date back to the days of the most classic!?

With gorgeous collectible Shelby and GT Mustangs in that range, as well as Dodge Charges, Ramjet and TransAM Camaros and even the revered Ford Falcon GTHO of Australia, to name a very short list, it’s hard to choose a single one.

And we’re not suggesting that the C2 Chevrolet Corvette is the number one! However, we are saying that the 1963 Split Window C2 Stingray Corvette, is some serious cool!

The C2 came factory standard with the signature split rear window – the only model it appears on by the way, making this car even more unique – and a very sexy 2-door coupe body that also had a convertible option.

The engine power range starts from the small block 327 cl / 5.4Ltr V8 all the way up to the big block 427 ci / 7.0 Ltr.

Later models introduced the even bigger big block 454 ci but that’s a whole other story and the C2 is certainly not lacking in either power nor torque or tone with the 327 through to 427 motors. In fact, with either, it has a whole lot of street credibility.

More detail in the video below by Matt Farah;

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