Volkswagon Launches Diesel Scrappage Scheme in Uk and Europe

Consistent with other manufacturers in the Uk, Volkswagen has launched a scheme to offer discounts on their new cars in attempt to remove older, more polluting diesel engine cars off the roads of UK and Europe.

Plagued by the emissions scandal in 2015 of the Diesel range, Volkswagon says it would significantly discount the entire range of new vehicles, including the more prestige Audi and Seat models, in order to remove older diesel engines from production.

Specifically, those being targeted are the Euro 1-4 classifications.

For the owners of older diesels in the Uk, this means they can get up to almost $AU9750 discounted for the largest vehicles.

In Germany, it is already offering discounts around $AU14,000 as a result of a national summit there aimed at bringing the pollution on the country’s roads down to some of the lowest targets in the world.

Volkswagon says that scrapping diesel production means it can focus on development of it’s electric plants and future. This is a response to the `dieselgate’ scandal where emissions tests in the US were cheated by software which reduced nitrogen oxide output.

As a result of dieslegate, Volkswagon recalled 11 million vehicles worldwide, whilst refusing to pay compensation across Europe on the grounds that there were no laws breached there.

In order to keep a check on this in future, ground-breaking new tests, which measure fuel consumption, carbon dioxide, nitrogen oxides, particulates by mass and number, and carbon monoxide, were released.

Toyota, BMW, Ford, Hyundai, Kia and Mercedes-Benz are also among those with similar new car discount schemes to remove older cars from the roads.


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