Submission: Lucinda Manley


Name: Lucinda Manley

Date of Birth: 11th November

Current Address: VIC, Australia

Likes: Animals, shopping, beauty and fashion

Dislikes: Animal cruelty, vegetables and feet!

Greatest Ambition: To one day own my own beauty salon

What is important to you about modeling? Modeling is what makes me feel sexy! it feels like my confidence goes through the roof as soon as I get in front of the camera and I feel so comfortable in my own skin.

Complete this sentence: “Life is like .. Life is like a roller coaster, we all have our ups and downs.

If we could give you anything at all … your greatest wish … what would that be? My greatest wish would be to have my very own (sex and the city style) walk in wardrobe!

What would be the ideal theme to photograph you in? Anything that’s sexy, fun and glamorous!

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