Submission: Candice Elizabeth


Name: Candice Elizabeth

Date of Birth: 28TH Feb

Place of Birth: Australia

Likes:Food, sex, live music and theater

Dislikes: Exercise, politics, religion and judgmental prudes

Greatest Ambition:Be Emma Stone big in acting!

What is important to you about modeling? My ultimate goal is to represent a different kind of beauty and break down the stereotypes that exist when it comes to the modelling scene.

Complete this sentence: “Life is like … dancing – not everyone is going to like the way you do it, some people might even laugh at you for the way you flail about, but as long as you’re happy with how you’re working it and not hurting anyone, who gives a toss?

If we could give you anything at all … your greatest wish … what would that be? A time machine to ‘do over’ some scenarios in my life that I still kick myself for not taking advantage of – regret is a bitch!

What would be the ideal theme to photograph you in? I love intricate, sexy lingerie – satin, lace, opulent designs and eye-catching colours and designs. They especially compliment my curves!

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