Radical Australia all-exclusive for season 2018

Hot on the heels of the announcement that 1980 Formula One World Champion Alan Jones will be the face of Radical Australia in season 2018, comes news that RA Motorsports will once again become the exclusive Australian agent for the popular British-built race car, allowing the Sydney-based operation to offer a range of new incentives for the coming season.

“As part of our expansion and the new developments we have in place for next year, Radical UK have reaffirmed their commitment to RA Motorsports as the sole-Australian importer for Radical cars, and the sole designated factory engine preparation and sealing operation for cars competing in the Radical Australia Cup,” RA Motorsport’s Chris Medland confirmed.

“This has been big news for us and our many Radical customers. For RA Motorsports – with more than 100 cars now sold in this part of the world – the exclusive arrangement will allow us to co-ordinate all Radical activities around Australia with authorised agents in each state, and to directly support all the team workshops that are set up to manage and maintain the many cars competing around the country.

“Our main aim with the introduction of Alan Jones, and the plans we have for 2018, is to have more drivers competing in the many events that cater for the Radical around the country and to build a more cohesive community for the future of the category.”

“I am delighted that we have been able to provide clarity and focus to the region through our trusted partners Radical Australia,” Joe Anwyll the CEO of Radical Sportscars said. “This ensures that through the adherence to our race series rules and regulations, we can continue to provide exciting racing that focuses on the ability of the driver, in Australia and New Zealand as it is in the rest of the world.”

Having just completed their ninth season of the successful Radical Australia Cup, RA Motorsports has initiated a number of major projects ahead of the 2018 calendar year, Alan Jones clearly one of those, but for Medland and Greg Smith – the two men behind the success of the category in Australia – there is even more to come as the 2017 season draws to a close.

“Alan will form a great part of our plans in 2018, with the Radical Australia Cup undertaking a world-class program next year with a range of opportunities for competitors never seen before in Australia,” RA Motorsport’s Greg Smith confirmed.

“We’re just days away from making a big announcement about the 2018 season, a season where we expect to offer one of the biggest prizes in Australian motorsport, something which will really fire up the Radical program as we go into a ninth season of the Cup.

“We’ll also be revealing opportunities too for teams and drivers to compete overseas, and for overseas drivers to come to Australia and join our championship here.”

The 2018 Radical Australia Cup will once more be the flagship for the category, with the opening round of the season kicking off for the fourth year in a row on the Bathurst 12-Hour schedule in early February. Whilst the Cup is campaigned across the international Radical format of 50-minute races, the SuperSport Series is a single-day sprint event with 15-20-minute races which has proven a great way to introduce drivers to the category.

Radical Australia also offer Radical track day events giving drivers new to the, 1500cc, 4-cylinder Hyabusa-powered SR3 an opportunity to gain valuable track experience without the pressures of high-stakes racing.

“Our aim has been to break down the barriers to entry to motorsport and for track day enthusiasts to assist them to go racing with the support of a world class team,” Smith added. “On top of that, Radical provides a top performing car at comparatively the most cost effective budget in Australia, another reason we’ve been able to deliver so many cars into the country and introduce so many new drivers to the sport.”

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