Mag of the Future !


Back in 1985, the internet did not exist (at least not for public use), so of course there was no Social Media! Therefore all magazines, news papers and other forms of men’s lifestyle were in print media!

People would hold stacks and stacks of magazines if they wanted to keep a collection and that took up space, was cumbersome to store and transport and was not really very user or share friendly! And they were expensive in long run!

By the late ’90’s to early ’00’s, print media was an expensive business and many publications were feeling the pain where it counts!

In 2005, our publication was launched as the first true internet magazine – ie not a website calling itself a magazine, but a true tangible and downloadable product.

By 2015, (that’s 10 yrs), is one of the longest running men’s magazines, behind only to Playboy and Sports Illustrated! We don’t mind that as those magazines are the bibles in their field and have been around for an exceptionally long time! As an exclusive Online magazine though, we do believe we’re the longest running in the world! That would make sense since we were first .. 🙂


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