Kate Upton – Zero Gravity Shoot

Sports Illustrated Swimsuit Issue puts Kate Upton in Zero Gravity!


In February this year, SI.com decided to put Kate Upton’s voluptuous earthly bikini body under the influence of Zero Gravity!

Not in space mind you, but in the artificial environment of the GoZeroG.com airplane! This is a converted Boeing 727 that is the world’s only FAA-approved provider of weightless commercial flights currently available to the general public.

Looking stunning as always, we believe the Sports Illustrated model and starlet of the hit film “The Other Woman” actually defied gravity, to pull off another successful bikini shoot. And of course who would deny the opportunity to see Kate Upton in another bikini shoot!?


Swimsuit 2014: Zero GravityKate UptonCape Canaveral, Florida, USA-Credit: James Macari Sports Illustrated

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