Ford Mustang “Unicorn” Is World’s First Clinched Widebody Roadster Convertible

It could very well be a fictional character in a Dark Souls or Game of Thrones series episode, but it’s certainly not! It’s quite real in fact and  quite alive.

It’s actually the “M86 Unicorn” by name and claims to be the first Clinched widebody convertible in the world.

In case you’re wondering, Clinched is a company specializing in widebody kits – actually flared kits to be more accurate – and was the primary provider for the moldings and custom parts to make this Mustang Big, Bold and Brash!

As their website `Widebody’ page indicates, they offer kits for most manufacturers as well a universal kit that fits more generically to any car your project requires.

In this case the donor Mustang is in the ’15 – ’17 category where there are a number of different providers servicing Widebody kits – including Shelby American of course for their Widebody Shelby SuperSnake.

The Clinched panels fit Mustangs in the 2018+ category and all do so by rivets that hold together rear quarters and front end + tail accessories.

In the case of the M86, there is an incredible transformation that includes a massive front end Air-Splitter, what Clinched say are the widest front and rear panels available for this car in the world today, and the rear spoiler perfectly fitted to the boot lid.

The use of rivets to hold the pieces to the car are not our favored solution as it screams `after-thought’, however it also loudly expresses `Custom’ and that’s the look that most custom shops want to give. Whether or not you still need that minute detail in a car so obviously customized though is a question for the individual and their tastes. The M86 Unicorn certainly stands out as a custom mustang and that’s obvious in the side by side photo of the M86 and Mustang GT.

By the way, the body kit and the front end bonnet scoop in particular isn’t just for show! In fact the M86 Unicorn Mustang is also a Mover and quite the Shaker thanks largely to a ProCharger supercharger and intercooler unit which takes the base Ford 5.0 Coyote to 700 horsepower at the very wide rear wheels!

All that put together means that what started in a Ford factory as a simple Mustang Convertible, is now a unique and worthy powerhouse Roadster!

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