Flashback: Pauline Pedryc in our Very First Photoshoot

The fact that she is gorgeous, is without question! That she carries the best styling available is also apparent for all to see!

But the fact that model Pauline Pedryc remains just as dignified and classy today as she did in December of 2004 when this photo was taken is most honourable.

In a world of selfies and motivations for a quick boob and bum shot to boost Instagram likes, many modern models have lost the true art of style and class!

Now admittedly, not everyone has access to an Armani White Bikini and Gucci Top worth almost $1,000 collectively, and Prada Shoes at $250, or even the exclusive Emanuelle Jewellery at $1,200 and the genuine Rayban Sunglasses worth $150, but that shouldn’t limit a girl’s dignity.

Stay tuned for more Pauline!


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