Rock Artist; Joshua Adams


Rock artist Joshua Adams

Compared to the vocal styling of great modern rock singers Chris Cornell (Soundgarden, Audio Slave) and Myles Kennedy (Alter Bridge, The Mayfield Four), Joshua Adams’ ability as a rock vocalist is at a level rarely achieved within the genre. Over the years, Joshua has been able to work with and become friends with some of the biggest artists, writers, engineers, and producers in music, helping him to constantly grow as a recording artist and entertainer. He has become known for his incredible vocal ability, dancing on stage, and long black hair.Over the years, Joshua has toured extensively throughout the United States and gained countless loyal fans from around the world through social media in areas of the UK, Australia, Brazil, Canada, United States, Central America, USA, and Asia. He is currently preparing to release his latest full album and planning to visit many of his fans on future show dates.Joshua Adams’ latest album was written, produced, recorded, performed, engineered, mixed, and mastered solely by himself. Many of the soft-released singles including “I Promise You”, “Everything Will Be Alright”, and “Get Laid”, have already received many ovations from fans, radio, and industry.

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