Domino’s new delivery car with built in pizza oven !

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Domino’s Pizza USA has made a rather innovative idea a reality by merging an ordinary car with a pizza shop ! Yes indeed ; they’ve added a pizza oven to their delivery cars so that your pizza remains warm and crispy during the trip from their store to your door.

Called the DXp (Delivery ExPert), the car can hold up to 80 pizzas in the warming oven for as long as required. The oven is powered by the car’s battery so can stay on for the full duration of the round trip.

‘The interior of the DXp includes both front and rear storage areas and features a non-slip, easy-to-clean surface to stabilize items during delivery,’ Domino’s wrote in a press release.

‘The car has been reconfigured with all but the driver’s seat removed, allowing the DXp to hold large orders for schools, businesses and special events as well as home delivery. The DXp has the capacity to accommodate up to 80 pizzas, along with Domino’s other menu items including salads, wings and 2-liter bottles of soda.’

Domino’s also said that it plans to build 100 DXp’s to cover an area of 25 US cities within the next 6 weeks.

It is unknown if the DXp will make its way to other countries. It is also unknown if the DXp is the first step towards automated Drone delivery vehicles.


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