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As the music industry gathers to celebrate the best artists of the past 12 months at the ARIA Awards today, is once again celebrating the best of the music industry with the release of the AMID Power 50 – the definitive ranking of the Australian music industry’s most powerful individuals. 

Michael Gudinski has returned to the summit of the AMID Power 50 in 2014, re-asserting his authority as the most powerful person in the Australian music industry.

The full list of the Power 50 – a ranking of influence, ability and achievement in the music industry – has been released on today and in the Australasian Music Industry Directory, which is now available for purchase.

It was a year of ups and downs for the Chairman of the Mushroom Group, with The Rolling Stones providing many of them. Gudinski retained, however, the ability to influence and shape the local industry like no other and receives the same #1 ranking he did in 2012.

“It’s a great pride to be number one,” Gudinski says in the 2014 Australasian Music Industry Directory Power 50 Edition. “It [holds] great significance, because we’re an independent group which gives me more power to make decisions myself.”

Former business partner and rival promoter Michael Chugg was a close second in 2014 and there’s an insightful interview with Chuggi on the highs – and lows – of life in the 50th anniversary year of being in the business in the current edition of AMID.

The most powerful female – and artist – in Australian music at the moment is undoubtedly Sia Furler, who ranks three this year (up 23 spots from 2013, the biggest jump of anyone on the list). As well as her own chart-topping releases, Sia’s one of the most sought after songwriters and guest vocalists in the pop world. She can pick and choose who she works with.

The major labels are represented in the top ten with Universal’s George Ash and Sony’s Denis Handlin while tastemakers Nathan McLay and Chad Gillard of Future Classic have the Midas touch that is the envy of the rest of the industry. Last year’s number one AJ Maddah remains in the top ten as a powerhouse of the Australian festival scene, landing at seven with a rollercoaster year, with triple j’s Richard Kingsmill ranked ninth and Sounds Australia’s Millie Millgate in at ten.

“It gets tougher and tougher to come up with this list each year,” said AMID Editor Scott Fitzsimons. “But the more we discussed it (it took hours, and whisky) things just seemed to fit into place. We’re looking forward to having conversations about this for the next six months.”

The 2014 Australasian Music Industry Directory Power 50 Edition is available for purchase here.

The AMID Power 50 is determined by the editors and journalists of the Australasian Music Industry Directory following extensive industry consultation.


  1.       Michael Gudinski – Mushroom Group
  2.       Michael Chugg – Chugg Entertainment
  3.       Sia Furler – artist
  4.       George Ash – Universal Music Group
  5.       Jessica Ducrou/Paul Piticco – Splendour In The Grass
  6.       Denis Handlin – Sony Music Entertainment
  7.       AJ Maddah – Soundwave
  8.       Nathan McLay/Chad Gillard – Future Classic
  9.       Richard Kingsmill – triple j
  10.     Millie Millgate – Sounds Australia
  11.     Danny Rogers – Lunatic Entertainment
  12.     Nick O’Byrne – BIGSOUND
  13.     Colin Daniels/Ashley Sellers – Inertia
  14.     Jaddan Comerford – Unified
  15.     Michael Coppel – Live Nation
  16.     Brett Murrihy – Artist Voice
  17.     Peter Noble – Bluesfest
  18.     Jodie Regan – Spinning Top Music
  19.     Dror Erez – Totem Onelove Group
  20.     Tony Harlow – Warner Music Australia
  21.     Matt Gudinski – Mushroom Group
  22.     Dan Rosen – ARIA & PPCA
  23.     Sebastian Chase – MGM
  24.     Paul Dainty – Dainty Group
  25.     Harvey Lister – AEG Ogden
  26.     Stephen Halpin/Rodney Little – Groovin The Moo
  27.     Chris Scaddan – triple j
  28.     Claire Collins – Bossy Music
  29.     John Wardle – National Live Music Office
  30.     Tim Levinson – Elefant Traks
  31.     Matt Tanner/Jaime Gough – Native Tongue
  32.     John Butler – artist
  33.     Brett Cottle – APRA AMCOS
  34.     Eric J Dubowsky – producer
  35.     Matt Emsell – Wonder Management
  36.     Steve McPherson – Hillsong
  37.     Nick Cave – artist
  38.     Johann Ponniah – I OH YOU
  39.     Liam Mazzucchelli – Boomtick
  40.     David Walsh/Brian Ritchie – MONA
  41.     Brad Mellen – Mellen Events
  42.     Mardi Caught – Atlantic Records
  43.     Ben Turnbull – Staple Group
  44.     Denise Foley – QMusic
  45.     Ian James – Mushroom Music Publishing
  46.     Iggy Azalea – artist
  47.     Neil Ackland – Sound Alliance
  48.     Richard Moffat – festival programmer
  49.     Adrian Basso – Community Broadcasting Association Of Australia
  50.     Patrick Donovan – Music Victoria

 Top Ten New Entries


Dror Erez                                    19
Harvey Lister                              25
Chris Scaddan (re-entry)          27
Claire Collins                             28
John Wardle                              29
Jamie Gough                            31
John Butler (re-entry)                32
Eric J Dubowsky                        34
Matt Emsell                                35
Johann Ponniah (re-entry)        38

Top Ten Gainers Within The 50


Sia Furler                                    Up 25 (3)
Nathan McLay                          Up 22 (8)
Chad Gillard                             Up 22 (8)
Jaddan Comerford                  Up 15 (14)
Steve MacPherson                    Up 14 (36)
Jodie Regan                             Up 13 (18)
Stephen Halpin                         Up 10 (26)
Rodney Little                             Up 10 (26)
Denis Handlin                            Up 8 (6)
Matt Tanner                               Up 8 (31)

Drop Outs From The 2013 List


Richie McNeill                            7
Janelle McCarthy                     8
Rae Harvey                               21
Graham Ashton                        22
Adam Zammit                           24
Ken West                                   24
Karl Richter                                32
Brett Robinson                           34
Jason Ayoubi                            34
Grant Smillie                              40
Rob Potts                                   43
Andrew Walker                         44
Damien Trotter                          46
Matt Colwell (360)                     47

Rhoda Roberts                          48




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