West Coast Swimsuit Model Calendar 2013 Launched

29/11/2012,  autobabes.com.au: The West Coast Swimsuit Model Calendar for 2013 was officially made available to the public today.

This is the second edition and follows the success of the 2012 calendar launched last year.

Both calendars were shot on location at the Rendezvous Hotel on Scarborough Beach and feature the pool and other areas of the resort.

Thanx to local makeup artist Megan Clarke and to our swimsuit sponsors Seafolly, IntimateSecretsonline.com and Fathom Swimwear.

The calendar is available here: http://autobabesstore.com/index.php?dispatch=products.view&product_id=245




  1. Bernie Bodenhamer says:

    great app thanks for sharing

  2. Margarito Cahalane says:

    Great calendar man!

  3. high review says:

    I’ve bought 5 already. Good quality large glossy prints!

  4. Alva Stavros says:

    I like Delysha and Champagne. But all the girls look great!

  5. Kajobi Marskew says:

    I think the girls are HOT! I love Courtney and Ash most but agree all are beautiful !

  6. Yes, all the girls were fun to work with and look great in the calendar.

  7. I agree.. all the girls are beautiful, and there just as beautiful in person 🙂
    thanks so much Kajobi:) xxxx
    follow my work if you all wish.. head to https://www.facebook.com/CourtneyPiercyModel?ref=hl

  8. Duan Seo says:

    Great calendar .. some of the hottest girls in the world right there! That Courtney’s a major league hottie though !

  9. Cheap Dermalogica says:

    Grate Calendar!

  10. Meizi Tang says:

    Hi, the link to the calendar doesn’t work. Is this not available anymore ?

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