Pic Of The Day: Lana Dealessi !


    –  Appearing in Edition 36 – The International Edition 

– Lana Dealessi –
London Calling ! –
AutoBabes.com.au Edition 36

More @ lanadealessi.com

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Lana Dealessi


Country of Origin

Career Highlight

If I were a Car
Mercedes SLK ! Because it’s got class !

Best travel location 
I visit Italy to see relatives but Vegas is the party place to stay up all night in !

Biggest Turn-On
Candle lit dinner, meaningful conversation and good eye contact !

Travel, modelling and acting, dancing the night away!

Sharks, disloyal people !

Greatest Ambition
To live life to the fullest !

Appears in
Edition 36, Cover Girl


  1. Vandela Rae says:

    Major thanks for the post. Awesome.

  2. Lathern707 says:

    I seriously doubt that there are too many girls as sexy as this one in our entire universe !

  3. Falknor5161 says:

    You are the number one sexiest girl on the planet Lana. You are Awesome.

  4. Sagendorf says:

    Very neat.Really looking forward to more pics Lana. Keep posting.

  5. McCunn says:


  6. Oziboy says:

    I cannot thank you enough for the gorgeous pics Lana. Awesome.

  7. Mugaine says:

    Absolutley incredible beauty!

  8. Oziboy says:

    wow, awesome and magnificent, beautiful woman!

  9. Oziboy says:

    I truly appreciate Lana Dealessi’s pics. Much thanks.

  10. Brutlag says:

    Come to Germany Lana, I show you good time .. 🙂

  11. Fitzgibbon says:

    WOW LANA !!

  12. ChaCha says:

    Hot chicky Cha Cha !!

  13. Tremel says:

    Lana is such a gorgeous girl. Where do you find such beauty in the world ?

  14. GooglieBoy says:

    You are amazing Lana !!

  15. MensyV says:

    The love of my life !

  16. Zirkles says:

    How stunning .. and very cool 🙂

  17. Vosburg says:

    I’d follow you anywhere and everywhere Lana !@!

  18. Oziboy says:


  19. Oziboy says:

    Can we have more Lana ?? 🙂

  20. Oziboy says:

    Still the most amazing imo !!!!

  21. Robert Bozza says:

    The sexiest ever

  22. JohnJones says:

    Very sexy photo of a very sexy woman!

  23. ToriS says:

    Very Sexy indeed JJ!

  24. Oziboy says:

    Love Lana D’alessi

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