Pic Of The Day: Emma Dulcie !

    –  Appearing in Edition 43 – The Autumn Swimsuit Edition 

– Emma Dulcie –
Emma’s Charms ! –
AutoBabes.com.au Edition 43

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Emma Dulcie


Country of Origin

Career Highlight
Flesh Air TV, tattooTV, appearing on the Harley Davidson’ s website, going in Street Machine Magazine, LIVEtoRIDE and of course autobabes i-Magazine.

First Car
A Blackish green VR commodore with exhaust upgrade, vr clubby kit with a vt clubby front spoiler, 18″ rims, limo tint & stereo system. It wasn’t a clubby but was the closest I was allowed to get!

Favourite Car 
My ultimate favourite is the “BLUE MEANIE” HDT! Peter Brocks modified version with the Supercharged 7.0-Litre V8 engine!!!! HOOOTTT!!

Biggest Turn-On
I prefer spontaneous things; a guy to come pick me up from home, take control & just take me out and surprise me with the night he has planned !

Cars, Car events eg: Summernats and Motorvation, Summer, Harleys, Tattoos, Dancing, Travelling

Liars, cold weather, bad drivers, really spicy foods

Greatest Ambition
I have WAY too many ambitions in life to write down. But ultimately I just want to feel happy & content with every aspect in my life!

Appears in
Edition 43, Feature Girl


  1. mkvgvwag says:

    Sexy pic

  2. Pandora Charms says:

    Love this girl !

  3. Jaroski says:

    Love tattoo girls ..

  4. Galacio says:

    This is so hot ! I hope you will post more pics like this.

  5. Dave C says:

    Great post. Love this.

  6. AfroKid says:

    Great work.

  7. Emmadulciefan says:

    Oh the things I would do to Emma Dulcie 😉

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