Mariah Carey remains GRACEFUL through technical issues at Times Square NYE performance

Although most of the world has jumped on the `dis Mariah’ bandwagon, the truth is that those who understand entertainment and live performance realise that technical problems can occur! In fact it’s lesson number one for all budding entertainers!

So when the backing tracks seemed to get confused for Mariah Carey’s New Year’s Eve performance in Times Square New York, what was a Pop Diva supposed to do ?

The question of whether backing tracks should’ve been used in the first place is a separate discussion, however in any variety performance where it is not practical for the whole band to be live on stage, it is often not a choice but in fact mandated by the producers that backing tracks be used. In a show like Dick Clark’s Rockin’ Eve 2017 on ABC, there are many reasons that include control of sound quality and sequencing. Unfortunately in Mariah’s case, it appears as though the production team failed to control the sound feed to the stage as Mariah was heard to have mentioned that she couldn’t hear in her monitors.

So should she have sung live to accompaniment that she couldn’t hear ? Sing a verse when the band was in the chorus ? That would have been worse.

Through the technical difficulties, Mariah remained the Diva she is – positively speaking – and behaved accordingly. She didn’t shrink to something smaller than she is and fall apart, she didn’t blame others, and she didn’t storm off as some headlines did suggest.

By definition, she remained dignified, she remained elegant and graceful choosing to connect with her audience in times of doubt.

Even after the event when she tweeted the now famous `Shit happens’ tweet .. she didn’t push blame onto anyone, but maintained her grace and simply moved on!

Good for you Mariah! And happy new year to you too!



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